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Need a speaker for your retreat, workshop or event? Let me come to you!

Courtney is a popular and engaging speaker who helps participants incorporate powerful awareness tools into regular life. She teaches regularly on meditation (including how to get started), the Enneagram (a personality map), and MindBody practices which reduce stress. For details about workshops, retreats and other public-speaking engagements please email Courtney custom-designs content to fit the needs of each group, so please be sure to include a description of what you are seeking, including the nature of the event and the desired subject matter. Or you can schedule a complementary conversation to explore the needs of your group.

“I’ve been to many trainings and I can say I have never felt so loved and cared for… All of the time and intention you put into the retreat were noticed and appreciated. All I could want is MORE.”

Aimee, Marketing Coach, Writer & Speaker – I

“Thank you so much Courtney! Your presentation was exceptional and was both entertaining as well as informative.  Your calm demeanor and peace just infiltrates the room like a wonderful fragrance.  Thanks for the resources!”
Dr. Darrell Coats, Mediator, Conflict Coach, Interim Minister and Trainer,

“As I suspected, this is EXACTLY what I needed in my life…. I came to meditation because I was looking for new ways to turn down my internal temperature and speed, and increase my ability to be present in soft, loving ways for myself and my family. In just a few days, I’ve found that meditation begins to do all of those thingsI feel the beginnings of an internal shift in my resting emotional frequency. The effect brings me back to meditation every morning and evening with eager gratitude. thank YOU!”

Shilyh, Film Studies Professor, Dallas, Texas

“You have such a beautiful teaching presence. I find it absolutely amazing at how you manage to bring full expertise and skill, all the while being approachable and invitational and empowering. You are a true teacher. Also, I loved hearing you speaking Spanish! It was so cool to me! Thanks for the class it was wonderful.”

Skyler, Visual Artist, Dallas, Texas

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