The Flourish Formula for Kids Free Gift







This gift is a recording of Class One from a course Called “Parenting with the Enneagram” which I co-taught with Nancy Goodman from A Parent Connection. Enjoy!

You can listen by clicking the play button below or right click on the file to download it.

Parenting with the Enneagram_Class 1

Week 1 Guide_Parenting with the Enneagram

Week 1 Outline

Here is a sample of what we cover:

  • How to use the Enneagram to create space in your relationship with your child
  • How to allow your child to discover + claim their own personality type
  • About the journey of human development– birth to adulthood.
  • What the Helper personality energy (Enneagram Type Two) looks like in children
  • Developmental stages and other considerations that can mimic this personality energy
  • A parenting prescription for working with helper energy in toddler/preschool age, school age, preteen + teenage children
  • A centering practice to aid helper children reset when stress builds
  • And a PDF action sheet with concrete recommendations, exercises, and practices to integrate lessons into everyday life.