The Flourish Formula for Families


Enjoy more ease in your family relationships.

Learn fresh techniques to metabolize stress that you can naturally share with Your family.

So all of you feel happy, playful and free.


FEBRUARY 19 – MARCH 12 2019

Sometimes you feel like your face is pressed against the glass in your own life.

You love your family fiercely and yet with daily responsibilities it is hard to get perspective and truly savor your time together.

You wake up feeling behind before your feet even hit the floor and are tired of feeling rushed or guilty.

You see the symptoms of your loved one’s stress and long to have easier, practical strategies to help.

You would love fresh ideas and support implementing them so you can move through current family challenges with ease.

* All families welcome here. Single or partnered. Children, furbabies, grandchildren, chosen family. However you define family you are welcome. 

What if I told you…

I know where you can find a flourishing potion for your family. The ingredients, like the Enneagram, are potent allies gleaned from the wisdom of generations before you.

Because here is the truth.

You don’t need to be told what to do.

You just need a moment to catch your breath.

A space where the sacred art of raising up the next generation is valued.

Help understanding and clearing what is foggy inside of you.

(We all have blindspots, it is totally natural.

But we don’t have to keep them. And we don’t have to pass them on.)

And fun mind-body and mindset tools that help you feel like you.

So you can be more present.

And empowered to naturally share these gifts with those you love.

Helping everyone in the family to feel better in the short term.

And creating more space for each other in the long term as you grow together.


the Flourish Formula for Families



Courtney naturally weaves powerful wisdom tools into your real-world relationships and parenting struggles.

Courtney has deep knowledge, yet teaches in a way which feels easy and accessible. She sees the big picture and helps you connect the dots between powerful wisdom tools and your everyday life. It doesn’t feel like she is sitting you down and teaching you the Enneagram or other tools in a tedious way but rather she naturally weaves the insight it offers into your real world relationship and personal struggles. Equipped with awareness from the Enneagram I can get clarity in challenging parent moments: recognizing the difference between my triggers and the real issue for my child. This enables me to address the core underlying issue and to message it in a way which resonates and encourages my child. I highly recommend Courtney and her teaching is a wonderful opportunity for anyone looking to feel more resourced in their own personal growth and parenting life.
— Denise Null, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

What is the Flourish Formula for Families?

The Flourish Formula for Families is an online coaching program + community:

It includes fresh mind-body and mindset tools which help you feel less stressed and more buoyant

And equips you to naturally share these gifts with children and loved ones in organic ways.

Plus live group coaching calls (you join via your phone or internet) where you can get custom recommendations for current challenges and learn from other families.

And a curated LIBRARY of digital content including the Parenting with the Enneagram + Learn Your Parenting Personality eCourses

Just what I have been looking for.

"I'm quite new to Enneagram, but feel like it's what I've been looking for all my life. It's hitting the spot for me as a woman and a mother in a way that other personality typing systems never quite did. Thanks for showing up in the world and lighting the path in the way that you have. I have been stuck for too long but this year I'm going to live my truth in a visible way. I'm terrified but it's past due."
— Char Lekx, Host of the Village Mama Podcast
What Your Journey Includes

q&a Four group coaching calls to connect, learn, and get your questions answered. Each one starts with a lesson on a core family challenge, see themes below. Calls hosted Tuesdays at 12 noon EST/11AM Central/10AM Mountain/9AM Pacific and will be recorded. You can also submit written questions ahead of time. {$400 value}


A Facebook Group for community with wise souls like yours. Non-judgmental and authentic support in the realm of parenting or raising up children? Yes, please! {priceless}
Curated library of digital resources including the Know Your Parenting Personality and Parenting with the Enneagram eCourses {$125 Value}
written guides Information overload never helped anyone. Which is why you can expect a curated collection of written guides and resources which help you to LIVE what you are learning and implement the lessons in your everyday life. Plus a beautiful PDF guide of 9 centering practices (which correspond to the 9 Ennea types) to help everyone in your family, regardless of age, come back home to themselves when feeling stressed. {$150 Value}

Plus Bonuses to Help You Center & Feel the Love

Family Mediation Cards

Beautiful cards with original artwork illuminate 9 vital childhood messages which we need to hear (and share with our children) again and again. Depending on personality type, there is one message we especially need. Participants will receive a PDF to download + print. Instructions for using the cards also included.

Working with Challenging Emotions in the Body

In this guided meditation Courtney will guide you through a powerful somatic or body and breathing technique which balances out your nervous system and connects you to inner resources. A wonderful practice for challenging moments + to share with children of any age. Also includes a separate audio of how to “eat pain” taught by her son Coleman. Helps children to handle moments of emotional or physical pain.

Flourish Formula for Families Themes

 Find Freedom from Busy Schedules + Extra Stuff


 Learn the keys to creating the white space you want in your schedule and how to shed excess in a sustainable way (so clutter doesn’t creep back.)

Family Personalities
Using the Enneagram

How to heal conflicts (before they start) and honor each member of your family and tend to their unique perspective and needs.  


In this masterclass I’ll share the difference between productive and unproductive guilt and how to feel at peace in your choices.

Define Your Family

The recipe to ease stress and flourish as a family plus tips on how to create family celebrations and traditions which blend old and new to fit you and yours just right. 
Frequently Asked Questions

What if my kids are older (even in college or adults?)

This program incorporates powerful tools for every age and stage and will give you an opportunity to recognize patterns from your child’s earlier years and understand them in a new way, plus offer age-appropriate stress reduction tools.

Is the course online? What if I don't love technology?

Yes it is and I hear you. You can simply dial in from your phone to join our virtual coffee chat conversations or click a link from your laptop/computer/any device if you want to join via the internet.

I work with children or have children in my extended family/community. Would this course be helpful to me?

Yes! The children in your classroom, extended family, and community will benefit greatly from your awareness of the tools and techniques in the Flourish Formula for Families program. And YOUR example. Putting the info from this course into action you will model compassion + health in relationships – something wonderful for every child in your world.

Will this be another parenting resource where I drown in info that I feel guilty about not reading or listening to?

Nope! The heart of this course is live support. Call in for all or part of the four group coaching calls and share a current growing edge, question or challenge. You can also share them with me ahead of time via our private community on Facebook. I’ll listen, help you drill down to the root, and offer practical strategies for you to try out in your real life. Then we connect the next week and check in on how it is going and any shifts or new challenges. You can also simply call in and listen to the theme we talk about each week and/or listen to the calls later. (They will be recorded.) Week One we will talk about finding freedom from busy stuff and extra stuff, week two is on creating your family culture, week three will cover family personalities using the Enneagram and week four is about overcoming guilt. The magic in coaching is allowing yourself to be a bit vulnerable and honest about places where you feel stuck or could use some fresh ideas. And then the social accountability (rooted in kindness) which allows you to follow through on your own deepest priorities. Join us!

What are some of the kinds of questions I can expect to hear or ways I can learn from others?

When we feel alone in our struggles everything is SO much harder. Family life is intense. In fact I think raising up conscious children is counter-cultural in our time and place where speed and success are prioritized over meaningful connections. I asked my tribe to share some of their current challenges as research for this program and here are some examples. I think this gives you a good taste of what we are likely to address in the calls. If any of this resonates you are not alone! Plus it is so fun to learn from and with other people in a supportive environment.

“I struggle w time. I wear many hats of various responsibilities at my work. Our daily schedule of just school and work doesn’t get us home until after 5:00. Then, it is rush, rush, rush, w lunch boxes, dinner, homework. I feel so much weight and guilt that we are never spending quality time— we are all just rushing through this hamster wheel routine. 🙁 Once children are settled, my husband and I hardly have time together, due to work brought home. It is a broken cycle that I would LOVE to break.”

“I would love to understand my kids personalities more and care for them in the specific ways that they need.”

“I long for better flow, management of ongoing household tasks, how not to be searching for a my running socks on a Tuesday morning and other similar frustrations that could be solved by routine and rhythm.”

“I struggle with not getting to what I want as priorities. Getting side trapped.”

What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram is an ancient personality map. Just as we see patterns in nature it turns out that there are patterns to being a human. Nine different personality types or “flavors” as I describe them to my children. Like icecream! Three types lead with their “head,” three lead with their “heart” and three lead with their gut or body intelligence.

The Enneagram has the capacity to help you see and find freedom from those hidden or subterranean habits which guide your thinking and your actions. If you have ever found yourself in a tight spot in your family life, relationships, or your work and wondered “How did I get here again?”  The Enneagram can help you understand what is going on and give you freedom to make fresh choices. It also gives you compassion and opens new space in relationships as you realize that there are eight other perspectives or ways of filtering life. Likely your children or the children in your family have a perspective that is distinct from yours! The Enneagram is the most incisive tool for self-awareness I have encountered and is over 2000 years old. I LOVE sharing this material and helping people use it artfully in family relationships.

What is included in the parenting library?

The entire Parenting with the Enneagram: Nine Human Energies & How They Live in Children ecourse is included in your parenting library. I cotaught this course with Nancy Goodman, a licensed clinical social worker and founder of All of this content plus the Learn Your Parenting Personality Class (to help you identify your Ennea type) is included in the digital library Flourish Formula for Families program so that you can enjoy it at any time, now or in the future.

Here is the full description of the Parenting with the Enneagram ecourse:

This course is about creating space + ease in your relationship with your child.

It is about saying “I am here to support you in developing into who you authentically are– not who you think I want you to be.”

It is about creating freedom from habitual parenting responses and fresh resources to offer your child.

Parenting with the Enneagram: Nine Different Human Energies + How They Live in Children.

Module 1: Grounding Yourself as a Parent + The Helper Energy in Children (One hour audio lesson.)

During week one you will learn:

  • How to use the Enneagram to create space in your relationship with your child
  • How to allow your child to discover + claim their own personality type
  • About the journey of human development– birth to adulthood.
  • What the Helper personality energy (Enneagram type two) looks like in children
  • Developmental stages and other considerations that can mimic this personality energy
  • A parenting prescription for working with helper energy in toddler/preschool age, school age, preteen + teenage children
  • A centering practice to aid helper children reset when stress builds
  • And a PDF action sheet with concrete recommendations, exercises, and practices to integrate lessons into everyday life.

Module 2:  Recognizing The Performer + The Dreamer Energy in Children (One hour audio lesson)

During week two you will learn:

  • About the heart center of intelligence + how to respond to shame in your child/ren.
  • What the Performer + Dreamer personality energy (Enneagram types three + four) look like in children
  • Developmental stages and other considerations that can mimic these personality energies
  • parenting prescription for working with performer and dreamer energy in toddler/preschool age, school age, preteen + teenage children
  • A centering practice to help “reset” performers + dreamers when stress builds
  • And a PDF action sheet with concrete recommendations, exercises, and practices to integrate lesson into everyday life.

Module 3: Recognizing The Observer + The Trooper Energy in Children (One hour audio lesson)

During week three you will learn:

  • About the head center of intelligence & how to respond to fear + anxiety in your child/ren.
  • What the Observer + Trooper personality energies (Enneagram types five + six) look like in children
  • Developmental stages and other considerations that can mimic these personality energies
  • A parenting prescription for working with observer and trooper energy in toddler/preschool age, school age, preteen + teenage children
  • A recommended centering practice for observers + troopers to help “reset” when stress builds
  • And a PDF action sheet with concrete recommendations, exercises, and practices to integrate lesson into everyday life.

Module 4: Recognizing The Enthusiast + The Challenger Energy in Children (One hour audio lesson)                   

During week four you will learn:

  • How personality energies can look different based on the gender of your child/children + how to work with that.
  • How to identify whether your child under utilizes their head, heart or gut/body center of intelligence + ways to connect
  • What the Enthusiast + Challenger personality energies (Enneagram types seven + eight) look like in children
  • Developmental stages and other considerations that can mimic these personality energies
  • parenting prescription for working with enthusiast + challenger energy in toddler/preschool age, school age, preteen + teenage children
  • A recommended centering practice for enthusiasts + challengers to help them “reset” when stress builds
  • And a PDF action sheet with concrete recommendations, exercises, and practices to integrate lesson into everyday life.

Module 5: Recognizing the Peacemaker + the Perfectionist Energy in Children (One hour audio lesson)

During week five you will learn:

  • About the body center of intelligence + strategies for working with anger in your child/ren.
  • What the Peacemaker + Perfectionist personality energies (Enneagram types nine + one) look like in children
  • Developmental stages and other considerations that can mimic these personality energies
  • A parenting prescription for working with peacemaker + perfectionist energy in toddler/preschool age, school age, preteen + teenage children
  • A recommended centering practice for peacemakers + perfectionists to help “reset” when stress builds
  • And a PDF action sheet with concrete recommendations, exercises, and practices to integrate lesson into everyday life.

Module 6: Recording of a Live Q & A/Celebration Call. Learn from other parent’s “real-world” parenting questions in this recording of a live group coaching call.

During week six you will:

  • Breathe
  • Implement (& celebrate) what you’ve learned
  • Learn how to cultivate resiliency & three-centered living (incorporating heart, head + body intelligence) in yourself + child/ren.
  • Specific strategies for supporting your child/ren in staying connected to the truth about who they are

All files (mp3s & PDFs) are available to download and yours permanently to keep.

If you don’t yet know your Enneagram type, you can discover it by watching the Learn Your Parenting Personality Class, also included in your digital library. Full description below:

No matter how much we adore our children, there are bound to be parts we’d like to ‘parent’ out of them.

‘Where did my child learn to whine (or rage or be so completely disorganized)?’

‘Why isn’t she more caring, (or less judgmental or more talkative)?’

The Enneagram, which maps out nine different personality patterns and the motivations behind them, can guide us toward new ways of interacting with our kids.  First, we learn our own types.  Next we look at how our type plays out in our lives as parents.

After that, through observing our children and listening to what they are saying and what they aren’t saying, we begin to get a sense of what personality patterns we see in them.  Without necessarily typing them–though some children will be old enough to discover their own types–we can begin to respond to the behaviors and underlying motivations we sense in our children in ways which resource their growth and inner alignment.

Armed with the wisdom of the Enneagram, you can:

…learn how to respond to your children’s behavior in ways that allow them to stay true to themselves instead of who they think you want them to be.

…begin to understand their motivations, build compassion and reduce frustration.

…learn ways to work with their behaviors rather than against them.

Total Flourish Formula for Familes Value $675+

Total Flourish Formula for Families Investment $198

The Flourish Formula for Families is Open for Enrollment…
Class Starts February 19th 2019. But all the calls are recorded so you can still join and catch up at your own pace. 

About Courtney Pinkerton, MDiv & MPP

Courtney Pinkerton is a certified holistic life coach and the author of the Amazon bestseller, The Flourish Formula: An Overachiever’s Guide to Slowing Down & Accomplishing More. Courtney is a student and a teacher of the Enneagram who has helped hundreds of busy women slow down and accomplish and enjoy more in their life. She holds dual master’s degrees from Harvard Divinity School and Harvard Kennedy School, is the creator of the eight-step Flourish Formula Coaching program, and hosts international retreats for women. After selling their house and all their belongings and spending a year adventuring in Nicaragua, Courtney and her husband Richard Amory and their three children are making a new home in a co-housing community in Asheville, North Carolina.


Masters of Divinity from Harvard Divinity School and Masters of Public Policy (with a focus on leadership and social entrepreneurship) from the Harvard Kennedy School.

Certified Life Coach trained by Dr. Martha Beck, Oprah’s personal coach and Certified Holistic Life Coach from the Spencer Institute.

Trained with The Enneagram in the Narrative Tradition Community, with a special interest in how our personality type is expressed somatically, or in our bodies.

I hope you will join me in the Flourish Formula for Families program.

Because what the children most need is YOU. Lit up from the inside out. Slaying your own dragons, growing and laughing so they can see how it is done.

See you inside! Join via the secure link below and I’ll be in touch with all your welcome details! xo Courtney