This is the Flourish Resource Library I created for the Holiday playshop. It includes several lessons from my Flourish coaching program including more on the Enneagram, guided meditations, and practices to ease stress. All the videos are in short “bites” so you can sample, listen to what speaks to you, and enjoy! I also include beautiful written guides and several chapters from my book. If you would like to order your own copy, you can do that here.

Warmly, Courtney 

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The Flourish Wheel

Click on the link to see the full Flourish Wheel and eight steps of the flourish formula.

figure out the box you are in F


This is the foundation. The Enneagram, an ancient personality map, is the most incisive tool I have discovered for getting clear on your core motivations and most frequent stumbling blocks. There are nine distinct personalities, three of which lead with their head center of intelligence, three which lead with their hearts and three which lead with their gut or body intuition. The Enneagram doesn’t put you in a box. It shows you the box that you are already in.


Guided Meditations

Reset R


This step offers several easy meditation techniques that you can use to reset whenever the pressure builds. Unable to quiet your mind? You have come to the right place! In this step, I unpack some of the most common roadblocks to starting your own meditation practice and introduce a range of meditation options to help you discover one that fits you perfectly in this season of your life.


guided meditations

Immerse i


Step I in the Flourish process is “Immersion.” It is an invitation to resource yourself with a fresh practice the next time you can’t sleep or shut off the hamster wheel in your mind. In this chapter, I describe nine centering practices, each of which corresponds with the Enneagram personality of the same number and has been designed to unravel some of the constriction felt by that particular type. However, all of these practices are helpful for anyone to use at any time. While we all have one home base of our personality type, we also experience the whole range of emotions and human struggles. Think of these practices like a menu you can choose from the next time nothing else seems to be working.

Written guides

Mini video modules

  1. Pause & Reflect (2 minutes)
  2. Intro (7 minutes)
  3. Playing Depleted is Playing Small (5 minutes)
  4. Tour of the 9 Centering Practices (22 minutes)
  5. Overcoming Resistance (5 minutes)