You are invited to Flourish: A Retreat for Women in Granada, Nicaragua a 500-year-old colonial town on the shores of Lake Cocibolca.

This is a town whose very essence invites you to slow down, with beautiful sunsets and nearby Volcan Mombacho putting it all into perspective. Enjoy a culture of rocking chairs on porches once the heat of the day has passed. This is one of my favorite places, the town I was married in at the end of my Peace Corps service in Nicaragua and where I have recently relocated with my family.

I want to issue a special invitation for you to join me this October 20-23rd — not only for a three day retreat with other women but also so that I can take you out Saturday night for a special Book Launch Party to celebrate the release of The Flourish Formula. Watch the video below for your special {time-sensitive} invitation.

Enjoy a consciously-curated experience where alone time is balanced with meaningful conversations and lively small group coaching sessions, where you have the opportunity to enjoy the lush natural beauty nearby, as well as time to sit in a hammock and journal, to listen to yourself and to be deeply heard, and to enjoy the daily siesta with an actual nap (because we hear ourselves better when well rested) or by exploring the city on a solo adventure or with new or old friends — drinking up its colorful adobe facades, horse-drawn carriages and more.

In addition to the live event your registration includes immediate access to the complete 8-Step Flourish Coaching Program, including audio lessons, chapter excerpts, written guides and live Q & A calls leading up to the retreat. This will help you arrive fully ready to dive in to prepare your custom Flourish Formula and to work through any remaining challenges with the support of the group.

The Experience
Your experience will also include meal offerings of delicious, fresh local food (breakfast, lunch and snacks, because you need good nourishment) and the opportunity to craft your own specific plan or custom Flourish Formula to receive the next level of your life (and work) as well as get coaching around any gremlins or painful, limiting thoughts that are keeping you stuck.

Evenings are free to explore, to rest, to enjoy local dining, to share, to listen, to read, to write, to get a pedicure or manicure, to buy a fabulous piece of pottery. To drink fresh fruit juices or delicious local coffee. To enjoy.

Because beyond all of the beauty around you also hear the invitation to step deeper inside your own interior landscape.

Like the plain stone facades of homes which belie their luscious interiors, as women we also sometimes feel like we are wearing stone: one part protection from other’s judgments (or our perceptions of their critiques), another part a slow thickening of the skin that comes with ignoring our own body and soul needs, in little and big ways, as we work to contribute to a better world.

There is another way…

One that doubles down on your feminine knowing.

One in which you can wake from the sleepwalk of busyness, be authentic with yourself and others, and design your own custom formula for the life you desire from the inside out. And (here is the surprising bit) discover that, in so doing, you are more of service than ever before.

I’m so excited to be sharing this new body of work with you. You will also be among the first to receive a copy of my new book! Read on for more details. I only have a handful of spaces remaining so if this hammock has your name on it fill out the quick retreat interest form and I will be in touch to answer any questions so we can determine if it is a good fit for you and reserve your spot.

The House

You are invited to gather with other women in Casa La Merced, a grand colonial home turned boutique hotel (we have the whole thing rented out just for us!) with two courtyards, a beautiful fountain and garden plus swimming pool.

You will enjoy your own private room and bath with a minimalist/mission style vibe. (Think spacious rooms with adobe walls, dark wood furniture, tiled floors and more.)

Find your rocking chair (or hammock) and enjoy the ambiance created by the sounds of chirping birds, church bells ringing, bubbling fountains, beautiful bougainvillea-lined courtyard and more.

The Town

Arguably Nicaragua’s most picturesque town, Granada is an easy place to love.

The colorful adobe facades lining cobblestone streets glow in the late afternoon sun. It is sultry and tropical with fresh breezes from Lake Colcibolca.  Granada is the tourist center of the country and during your stay you can enjoy colonial architecture, art galleries, artisan shops and centuries old churches (seemingly one around every corner).

During your free time (or better yet stay an extra day!) swim in a nearby volcanic crater lake, visit a handicraft market or enjoy a massage or other treatment at a local spa. (We have recommendations, inquire for details!)

As my neighbor Pancho explained when telling me not to worry about my kids making too much noise in the swimming pool:

“Estamos en Granada. Cada quien tiene el derecho de disfrutarse.” In other words, “We are in Granada, where everyone has the right to enjoy themselves!”

The Details
Our retreat starts at 3:00 PM on Friday October 20th with a local coffee and chocolate sampling plus an opportunity to meet the other participants and enjoy a guided meditation and more (because meditation and treats go well together, right?!). We conclude on Monday October 23rd with a special morning session and meditation ending at 10:30 AM so you can travel or better yet stay for another day of exploration.

The retreat includes breakfast, lunch and snacks as well as my new book and a folder full of juicy resources and other treats.

Airfare is not included. The airport to fly into is Managua International Airport (or the Augusto C. Sandino International Airport). We will be arranging your transportation from the airport to Granada (about a 70 minute drive).


Your registration gives you immediate access to the Flourish 8-Step Coaching Program (so you can get started with this material right away!) plus covers your full retreat experience with breakfast and lunch together, group coaching sessions to aid you in moving through the challenges and struggles which keep you from receiving your next level in life, meditations, lounging or swimming at the house during the day, a copy of my book, written materials and other treats (including a morning boat tour of the isletas to spot birds and monkeys in lush Lake Cocibolca). Plus you leave with your Flourish Formula, your custom plan for slowing down, thriving in your personal life and releasing your best gifts.


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Praise for The Flourish Retreat

“The Flourish Retreat and program was a magical experience.”

I was nervous to go so far away without knowing anyone. I had never done anything like this and was concerned about the logistics (sleeping arrangements, dining, etc) However, underneath that it was really about trusting myself and folks I did not know to open up and discuss a subject/topic that was so intimate and personal. That is not a side of myself that I share openly and I could fell that discussing this subject matter would be like opening Pandora’s box. The retreat was a magical experience. Being in nature and beautiful surrounding felt like being wrapped in a nurturing hug as we were growing through the process. The materials are wonderful but combined with the setting took it to another level. For me, I had to flip the script (although I would not have been able to verbalize that before). Being in a totally different environment, language, food, culture helped me “do it differently.”

—Becky Keane, Boston MA



“All I could want is more.”

I’ve been to many trainings and I can say I have never felt so loved and cared for… All of the time and intention you put into the retreat were noticed and appreciated. All I could want is MORE.

—Aimee, Marketing Coach + Speaker



“Courtney brings expertise while being approachable.”

ou have such a beautiful teaching presence. I find it absolutely amazing at how you manage to bring full expertise and skill, all the while being approachable and invitational and empowering. You are a true teacher. Also, I loved hearing you speaking Spanish!

—Skyler McGee, Visual Artist



“One of the best gifts I have ever given myself.”

—Karen Cameron, Quilter + Non-Profit Leader