You are invited to Flourish LIVE: A Retreat for Women

January 26-29 2019
Sugar Beach,

Costa Rica

The Flourish Retreat includes a visit to La Senda, the worlds largest labyrinth. The labyrinth is made of over 4000 cacti and measures more than 2 1/2 acres. After walking the labyrinth, we will enjoy a chef-prepared sunset meal at La Senda’s organic farm.

I want to issue a special invitation for you to join me January 26-29th 2019 for a luxurious three-night retreat at Sugar Beach in Costa Rica. Set on Playa Pan de Azúcar, only a few steps from the sandy shore, Hotel Sugar Beach is located on the northern Pacific Coast of Guanacaste, the most desirable beach zone in Costa Rica. They share 24 acres of dry tropical forest with monkeys, motmots, iguanas, tree sloths, and a bevy of other indigenous fauna. I am so excited to travel with you to this unique setting, where tropical forest and sandy beach embrace.

From the moment you arrive, you can expect a consciously-curated experience where alone time is balanced with meaningful conversations with other women and lively small group coaching sessions, where you have the opportunity to enjoy the lush natural beauty nearby, to relax and enjoy a beautiful sunset, to listen to yourself and to be deeply heard, and to enjoy the daily siesta with an actual nap (because we hear ourselves better when well rested) or by exploring the shore on a solo adventure or with new or old friends.

Each participant in the retreat gets to enjoy her own room, designed to be both luxurious and light on the earth. Each room comes with a large private balcony with either a garden or an ocean view. We’ll also enjoy a meal at a local organic farm and a trip to a labyrinth!

In addition to the live event your registration includes immediate access to the complete Flourish Formula Coaching Program, including audio lessons, chapter excerpts, written guides and live Q & A calls leading up to the retreat. This will help you arrive fully ready to dive in to prepare your custom Flourish Formula or blueprint and to work through any remaining challenges with the support of the group.

Read on for details.

The Rooms

Spend time on your private balcony, the perfect place to rest, to write in your journal, or to dream.

Praise for The Flourish Retreat

“Everything including the location, content, and coaching awakened my senses to a new level.”

I wanted to feel spacious and connected with nature. Achieved! After the retreat, my mood was light, inspired and gave me clarity that I’m on the right path doing this specific work.  My outlook on life, in general, got a boost of encouragement and momentum to keep moving onward and upward. Qi gong was helpful, working Enneagram was extremely impactful, integrating meditation and intentions throughout the retreat were very effective. Seeing everyone’s Flourish Formula was also very powerful! My favorite elements where the content and culture, especially all the amazing nature time: boat ride, an afternoon on the private island, hammock,  yoga overlooking a volcanic crater lake etc. I would definitely recommend this retreat if you are looking for a space that will give you the opportunity to feel loved, nurtured, inspired and challenged all at once.



“A Beautiful Mix of Nature and Nurture Time.”

At first I was concerned about travelling alone in Nicaragua and wondered was gifting myself this experience “indulgent” and would my stomach issues be OK? But the experience recharged me! It was a huge treat to be given the VIP treatment by Courtney and her team from the moment I said “yes” to this experience. As the person who’s typically the planner for family and friend vacations, as well as wellness retreats of my own, it was food for my soul. “Community is the new guru” – I think you’re really onto something with that. It feels like I’m on the cutting edge of something big! Thank you for taking such good care of us, and for sharing your love of Nicaragua so beautifully! Everything was really wonderful, and I feel fortunate to have had the experience. I don’t remember the last time I felt so instantly connected to a group of women. There’s a like-mindedness that is at once inspiring and comforting. I have a renewed dedication to my Flourish Formula, and am loving working through the Mastermind process with my new friends. The Enneagram work, especially the Visual Enneagram, was also very helpful for me. It inspired me to dive deeper into this tool and having the chance to visit one-on-one with others who share my personality type was an incredible gift.


—Christy Nielson, Owner, Christy Nielson Communications, Phoenix, Arizona

Sugar Beach is located on a secluded beach in Playa Pan de Azúcar

Sugar Beach Hotel is the perfect place to renew and rejuvenate. They offer complimentary yoga classes and a variety of massage treatments, available every day by request.

The Experience

Your experience will also include meal offerings of delicious, fresh local food (daily breakfast and lunch) and the opportunity to craft your own specific plan or custom Flourish Formula to receive the next level of your life and work as well as get coaching around any gremlins or painful, limiting thoughts that are keeping you stuck.

You will enjoy ample free time to explore, to rest, to lay on the beach or go for a walk or run, to share, to listen, to read, to write, to participate in yoga classes, or enjoy a massage. To drink fresh fruit juices or delicious local coffee. To enjoy.

Because beyond all of the beauty around you may also hear the invitation to step deeper inside your own interior landscape.

As women we sometimes feel like we are ignoring our own body and soul needs, in little and big ways, as we work to contribute to a better world.

There is another way…

One that doubles down on your feminine knowing.

One in which you can wake from the sleepwalk of busyness, be authentic with yourself and others and design your own custom formula for the life you desire from the inside out. And (here is the surprising bit) discover that, in so doing, you are more of service than ever before.

I’m so excited to be sharing this body of work with you including fresh insights from a year of big growth for me personally and professionally. You will also receive an autographed copy of my new book The Flourish Formula! Read on for more details. Reserve your room today!

The Details

Our retreat starts at 10:00AM Friday morning, May 18th and we conclude at 10:00AM Monday morning May 21st. You also have the (highly encouraged!) option of arriving on May 17th and enjoying a complimentary fourth night to get settled before the event begins.

The retreat includes brunch and dinner every day as well as my new book and a folder full of juicy resources and other treats. *Meals are hearty and many guests prefer only two a day however additional meals, snacks and drinks are available in the onsite restaurant and bar.

What is included? Basically everything except for airfare. The airport to fly into is Managua International Airport (or the Augusto C. Sandino International Airport). We will be offering transportation from the airport to Morgan’s Rock Eco-Lodge, located near the beach town of San Juan del Sur (about a 2 hour drive).


Your registration gives you immediate access to the Flourish 8-Step Coaching Program (so you can get started with this material right away!) plus covers your full retreat experience with delicious local meals, group coaching sessions to aid you in moving through the challenges and struggles which keep you from receiving your next level in life, meditations, lounging or swimming at the pool, a copy of my book, written materials and other treats (including the optional guided hike through the nature preserve). Plus you leave with your Flourish Formula, your custom plan for slowing down, thriving in your personal life and releasing your best gifts.

Are you ready? Let’s do this! Reach out to me directly at and I’ll share bungalow options and pricing details. Or you can schedule a call with me. This allows us to get to know each other, and for me to hear more about what you are looking for in a restorative retreat and answer your questions! You can reserve your call here. 


Want to learn more? Schedule a complimentary call here.

I will be honest, this retreat & Flourish coaching program is not for everyone. Like all supportive services — massage therapist, midwife, yoga instructor — fit matters. For that reason a quick phone chat allows us to get to know each other better, for me to hear a bit about what is stirring in your life, and to answer any questions that you have.

Plus these calls are fun — women often report feeling lighter for just having gotten some things out of their head and support for growing edges. Even if you aren’t sure you want to invest in a coaching program or retreat right now, I hope you will take advantage of this free gift and reach out to schedule your Flourish Design Call today.

I know you are super busy. Often my clients have a really hard time finding space in their own lives for themselves. In fact on the rare moments where they do slow down they feel such an internal sense of pressure that it is almost uncomfortable to really rest and recharge. That is why I find retreats so powerful because they get you out of your own environment (and head) and allow you the opportunity to GET PERSPECTIVE about where you are being invited forward into some changes in your life. And together we make your custom plan for getting there.

So whether you are brand new or a returning coaching client, I hope you will schedule your call today.

You can also email with questions or for pricing options and more details.

Praise for The Flourish Retreat

“The Flourish Retreat and program was a magical experience.”

I was nervous to go so far away without knowing anyone. I had never done anything like this and was concerned about the logistics (sleeping arrangements, dining, etc) However, underneath that it was really about trusting myself and folks I did not know to open up and discuss a subject/topic that was so intimate and personal. That is not a side of myself that I share openly and I could fell that discussing this subject matter would be like opening Pandora’s box. The retreat was a magical experience. Being in nature and beautiful surrounding felt like being wrapped in a nurturing hug as we were growing through the process. The materials are wonderful but combined with the setting took it to another level. For me, I had to flip the script (although I would not have been able to verbalize that before). Being in a totally different environment, language, food, culture helped me “do it differently.”


—Becky Keane, Boston MA

“All I could want is more.”

I’ve been to many trainings and I can say I have never felt so loved and cared for… All of the time and intention you put into the retreat were noticed and appreciated. All I could want is MORE.

—Aimee, Marketing Coach + Speaker

“Courtney brings expertise while being approachable.”

You have such a beautiful teaching presence. I find it absolutely amazing at how you manage to bring full expertise and skill, all the while being approachable and invitational and empowering. You are a true teacher. Also, I loved hearing you speaking Spanish!


—Skyler McGee, Visual Artist

“One of the best gifts I have ever given myself.”

At first I had a slight hesitation about the location. After a little thought I decided Nicaragua would be an exciting adventure! I felt nourished, nurtured and pampered every step of the way. The group of women was outstanding. What an amazing opportunity to learn and share with like-minded women at different stages of this journey. I loved the real-time opportunity to consciously interact with many different Enneagram (personality) types. And I learned small ways to pause, do a body scan and discern the next action. These make a big difference and allow me to make clean decisions in my life.

—Karen Cameron, Quilter + Non-Profit Leader


*Photo Credits of resort from Sugar Beach, photos of the laybyrinth from La Senda Costa Rica, and photos of participants from previous retreats courtesy of Eileen West photography.