Guided Meditation to Connect with Mind, Heart & Gut Resources


Sometimes transitions happen to us: changes in relationships, work, relocating to a new area. Other times we initiate the process. Either way it shakes things up! But as we learn the lessons we need to learn from the transition we head into the next phase of our life lighter, cleaner + with more freedom.

Shedding your old version of you? Want to get comfortable in your new skin?  Ashley (a health/nutrition coach) + I paired up to offer the most useful tools for moving consciously through your change process. I know from my own life (and transitions) that it is so much easier and faster with these vital tools on hand: the Enneagram, meditation, fresh food, and strategies to process challenging emotions through your system. Also with a self-study ecourse you gain immediate access to all 6 week’s of content enabling you to pick and choose and go at your own pace. Enjoy below the free gift of a sample meditation from UPLEVEL which helps you connect to your mind, heart, and gut or body centers of intelligence.  You can read all the details and purchase the full eCourse here. xo Courtney

Guided Meditation Week 4: Mind, Heart & Gut Resources