Congratulations, you have completed the Eight Step FLOURISH Coaching process and have created your own custom FLOURISH Formula!

Now we celebrate, take a breath, and listen for what is next.

And here is what I know…

For this Formula to make the biggest difference and for you to really throw your arms open to receive your next level in life (in terms of relationships, work, your health, money or wherever you are being invited to grow) it is going to require some inspired action, encouragement and a whole lot of gremlin management.

One of the ways you were able to create your custom Formula was with the resources, accountability, and coaching that is part of the Eight Step FLOURISH program.

We know it works for you.

Would you like to keep it going?

That is what The Flourish Mastermind is all about. Clarity about next steps.

Inspired Action in a Supportive Community.

Accountability to Your Own Most Precious Goals.

And above all: Stepping Into the Life That Wants to Live in You and Releasing Your Most Potent Gifts to the World.

As a coach and mentor, I am committed to getting you everything you need to flourish in your personal life and to share your voice with your community and the world. I think you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t have something unique and powerful to contribute. Through the upcoming year we will work together to take a plan that COULD work and turn it into something that transforms your life from the inside out, helping you feel better, be more resilient and stress-hardy, and enjoy your life more than ever before. This of course isn’t only about you. The spillover effects play out in big ways in all your relationships both with intimates and in your work and volunteer roles.

Together we will implement and refine your FLOURISH Formula to help you move more quickly and with more ease through the shifts you desire in your life. There are also unavoidable byproducts to you making this investment in yourself. Women often find that they lose weight or clutter (or both!), find greater health, resiliency, and joy in their body, ease in relationships and clarity about their work priorities. I know how hard it can be to feel the impulse to make some shifts or lean into some inner nudges but to not know where to start or to feel adrift in all the resources that are available. Believe me, I have been there! It does not have to be as hard or take as long as it often does when we move through the process alone.

My goal as a coach is to keep this whole process joyful and easy, not just because I want you feeling good and having fun, but because that is actually what is required to get you where you want to go. Fear can’t fuel it. Nor can pushing or striving. This is much more an experience of stretching and receiving, and stretching and receiving as we build our capacities to name and create the life we most crave.

Very often the best way to do that is to get really clear and to implement an action-oriented bias so you are moving forward on those specific goals and experiencing more results than ever before. Translation: try, observe, learn, recalibrate, then take the next step. (This is a lot more fun with a group that has your back!)

In this program we will grow your meditation practice, Enneagram awareness and mind/body relationship in stages that support your top priorities. My philosophy is that less is more. It is not about trying to create some “ideal life” out there, but getting super clear about what you desire and making the changes that count.

But simple does not equal easy! Making these changes requires letting go of old habits and accessing new tools. And simple does not necessarily mean subtle. It is entirely possible, likely even, that this process is going to open you up to some surprising changes. Some of which may be big, like changing your career or where you live. Others may be small but have a large impact, like decreasing your overall stress so you can sleep easily and wake refreshed, finding the right holistic or alternative care practitioner to manage chronic health challenges or opening you to a meaningful hobby or other pleasure in your regular life.

The mentorship in this program is designed to help you put together the right plan and stay on track to get there.


Program Components
1 year of membership from your first scheduled Mastermind Coaching Call after you join the program. ** Calls are on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month at 12PM Central/10AM Pacific/1PM Eastern.** Calls are recorded if you can’t make them live and you can always share questions ahead of time.
coaching 6 Private 60-minute coaching calls with me via phone. Schedule a series of sessions at the beginning to help you launch or sprinkle them throughout the program to get custom support inside the eight steps.
q&a 24 Sessions of Group Mentorship and Q&A where we’ll address PRECISELY the specific challenges you are facing and how to move past them with both the clarity of your peers (which is what a Mastermind is all about – more minds and hearts are better than one) and a coach and mentor who has been there before. Plus, in these bi-monthly accountability calls we will keep you on track and get you out of any stuck places right away.
In addition to your 6 private calls you get access to me via Zoom on our bi-monthly check-ins and the FB group to help you take action on the plan we created together. You are not alone!
Monthly Sessions with guest experts handpicked by me on topics like love and relationships, forming new habits, forging a mindful relationship with your finances, dealing with the inner critic, tapping into intuition, exercise and gut/body health and more! These sessions will assist you in growing the other areas of your life as you evolve.
The opportunity to repeat the online FLOURISH 8 Step Coaching program at any time and enjoy continued access to the audio lessons, written guides, and live weekly coaching calls. (These calls are Fridays at 10:30AM CDT.)

Participation in a private Facebook Group with other members of the Flourish Mastermind Program so you can ask your questions as they come up and share your “ahas” and celebrations with all of us. Members also have an opportunity to create accountability partners and friends within the program. What a relief to have relationships where you can talk about this inner awareness work (in a culture that tends to avoid it and where most women are running on fumes) and find the support you need.


Continued complimentary access to my Training Library including:

  • The Summer of Meditation Challenge (an 8-week video training program + 8 guided meditations)
  • UPLEVEL (a program for women navigating transitions)
  • Soulpreneur Mastermind (a 6 session program for women wanting to start their own business, or lean into new creative or professional opportunities)
  • Parenting with the Enneagram (on how to bring Ennea awareness into your family),
  • And any other digital programs I create during your year


The opportunity to attend a LIVE three-night Flourish LIVE retreat I am hosting at Sugar Beach Eco Hotel in Costa Rica January 26-29, 2019. This live event includes group coaching and teaching sessions and is designed to help you move through any obstacles to implementing your Flourish Formula. This is an intimate gathering to give you a chance to ask questions, learn from other women’s experiences and receive targeted support. This bonus includes accommodations and two meals a day plus a folder with high quality written materials, gifts and more.

Special Mastermind-only dinner with me on the second night of any retreat you should decide to attend.

Surprise Treats (it wouldn’t be as fun if I told you everything)

How This Works

Investing in yourself is one of the fastest ways I know to make these powerful shifts in a way that sticks. I would love to have the opportunity to support you further in the twelve-month Flourish Mastermind!

The investment in this program is $250. Or you can pay in three monthly installments of $90.

** And a percentage of your registration fee goes to UP Nicaragua, a mentoring program for girls in Granada, Nicaragua.

Flourishing is never a solitary sport. You living fully is a huge gift to those around you.

Ready to join the 12-Month Flourish Mastermind Program, and enjoy a year of support implementing your Flourish Formula and saying yes to the next level in your life?

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