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People who work with me share a commitment to walking the creative edge of their own lives and a sense of urgency— a desire to gain some clarity on the work and life that is being called out of them. They also really get that our relationship to the inner life (core desires, spiritual nudges, deep crushes) plays out in our real world choices and ways of serving. They hear their life inviting them to risk in order to create – to do their unique part in loving this world (and their selves) into a fuller expression.

Credential-speaking, I have two masters degrees from Harvard (Divinity + Public Policy = 4 years studying spiritual development and social change) and am a certified holistic life coach and meditation instructor. I have also logged ten plus years in the do-gooder realm—ranging from starting community banks in rural Nicaragua, to sparking social investment circles in Boston and a Montessori preschool co-op in Oak Cliff.  I love helping people step into leading their own life from the inside out.

Whatever you are leaning into — whether you are kick-starting an urban farm, writing your blog, raising a conscious child or simply wanting to feel better and be more present in daily life — it is hard work to preserve yourself along the way. It can help to have someone hold your hand. To remind you of your deeper truth. And to plug you in to some juicy resources (there is no juicier resource than the Enneagram—it has serious chops) which free up energy, generate clarity, dial down the inner critic and build your compassion muscles.

Starting with compassion for yourself.

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