Soulpreneur 2017

Alright so I always a little bit fall in love with clients. It is just really beautiful to see women deepen inside their own creative gifts and fashion an inner foundation for sharing them and enjoying their life fully.

But I especially fell in love with this Soulpreneur group.

I hope that we all meet around a big tree someday. Perhaps in Rumi’s garden.

Oh OK here’s a Rumi poem for you:

And don’t think the garden loses its ecstasy in winter.
It’s quiet, but the roots are down there, riotous.

Or perhaps we will meet face to face in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico at my upcoming women’s retreat in May 2017 (details coming in January, save the dates Thursday May 4-7!)

Or perhaps you like me are not ready for the Soulpreneur Mastermind lovefest to end.

Maybe you need some additional support to really step into this next phase of your life. To integrate all the tools we have explored so far and to live them fully.

If so I want you to know that I am opening up the Mastermind to new members but first want to offer space to you. Here is what you can expect in 2017:

Our first call will be a super fun optional half day virtual retreat.

We will still have our regular audio lesson and written guide for January released ahead of our call on how to design your own custom soulpreneur retreat. We will then have our regular call (and chance for coaching around the content and goals) on the 26th from 1-2:15. For those who are interested in the virtual retreat, we will meet on Zoom so we can see each others faces — or you can simply call in if you don’t like Zoom — at 9am that morning to set intentions for the day and do some opening activities. Then we will break and each work on our own goals and reconvene with the group call at 1pm.

Sound fun?

Also as I mentioned last week I’ve opened up a combo package where Mastermind members can get a one on one coaching session with me each month. So you will see that option including the coaching plus other payment options for the Mastermind available on the preregistration link.

Then my sense is we need a chance to exhale. So February will be our self love/integration month with no new content but a bonus live q and a call so you will have our regular group coaching session plus another call. This will free up lots of time for your questions to be answered about any of the content we have covered so far and also your own Soulpreneur goals. Dates for Feb calls are Thursday Feb 2 and Thursday Feb 16 1-2:15PM. All calls will be recorded.

Lastly March we will be talking about celebration. If you think this is lame, fluffy stuff — o contraire! It is a super important tool for Soulpreneurs and change agents of any stripe as a matter of fact. So we will be talking about how (and why) to celebrate the wins in your life and honoring  your accomplishments in this group — big or small! March Mastermind live call is Thursday 23rd 1-2:15.

And of course in the private FB group and February’s Q & A calls you have the chance to ask questions about anything! About how all the tools connect to real life, about stumbling blocks or your own turtle steps. I’d love to hear it!

I only have 3 spots opening in January for Mastermind members who would like the option for one on one coaching support. (In the private call we will be focusing on you and your specific goals– so that you can get super clear on next steps and have the support and accountability to follow through.) I normally reserve this option for clients who have completed my 6 or 10 session coaching package. But because of the depth of this group and the tools we have already integrated together I think this will really work well. So if you know you are ready to invest in your own momentum with some targeted one on one support, hop on over and grab it today! Here again is your preregistration link with Mastermind payment options.

Reach out with any questions and keep your comments or questions coming on the FB group!

Wishing you all a beautiful holiday and a very Bright 2017!

xxo Courtney

PS As I shared on the FB group when I went to donate on our behalf I discovered Finca is honoring holiday donations with a four to one match! Through your participation you are helping to finance micro loans for entrepreneurs in the developing world. What a reminder that poverty doesn’t win. Hatred doesn’t win. Making yourself small so you don’t ruffle any feathers doesn’t win. You know what wins? Fierce, shining love. That and riotous roots. xxo

What we cover in this Soulpreneur Mastermind:

Thursday October 20 Where are You in the Change Cycle?

Thursday November 10 Craft Your Freedom Schedule

Thursday December 15 What are Your Super-Powers?

Thursday January 26 Soulpreneur Virtual Biz Retreat (Mapping Your Year)

Thursday February 2 & 16 Integration Month: This is your chance to catch your breath, show yourself some love, and ask any questions which have come up so far as well as get coaching on your unique challenges

Thursday March 23 Celebration!

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