Will You Join Me in New Mexico? (Details about Ghost Ranch…)

Will You Join Me in New Mexico? (Details about Ghost Ranch…)


It is going to be hard for me not just to share all pictures for this one. One can’t fully capture the invitation to Ghost Ranch without some visuals…

Ghost Ranch Valley



Now truth be told I’ve not yet been. But any place Georgia O’Keeffe claimed is good for me. And you know how wide open skies make me wax poetic. Which is why I am delighted to teach The Art of Embodied Leadership: How to Make Lasting Change + Preserve Yourself Along the Way this August 3-7 at Ghost Ranch.

But beyond the fab venue two other elements of the workshop feel especially exciting to me:

Firstly, this is an invitation to honor your body + soul at the same time that you drink in new information. I don’t know about you but I have been to many a workshop or training where I had to forget I had a body to get through it—and leave with a ton of information and not at all clear on how to live it in real life. This is not that. Instead you will enjoy a spacious setting and open schedule so you can drink in and apply the resources which are most helpful for you.

And drumroll… if you are a leader with a partner or family, they can come too for their own immersive experience! I don’t have to tell you how rare this is in the world of retreats and trainings. You can read more info about youth programing (for children age 3-18) here. Your partner or a friend could also join in our workshop, check out the other offerings that week, or opt for rest + relaxation. I know my husband is super keen to enjoy the “R + R track” while the kids go off on their daily fun. I believe his exact words are: “can we move to Ghost Ranch?”

Now you may not think of yourself as a leader… perhaps you aren’t planning any campaigns in the near future. But if you have an impulse, a heat within, to create positive change in the world– you are a leader. And this is a workshop designed specifically for you do-gooders in mind: whether your leadership is through your work, or in the neighborhood, a nonprofit or faith context, or as a soulful entrepreneur.

Here are two of my favorite frameworks for the sacred work of leading:

“Leaders stand in the tragic gap between the world as it is, and the world as it could be.” Parker Palmer.

{I got to spend some time with Parker at a leadership retreat last year. He is just as wise in person.}

And Ron Heifetz describes leadership as holding space for a community to do its “adaptive work.”

Here is the interesting bit: Notice how both of these definitions of leadership employ a metaphor related to the body i.e. leadership is a way of standing and a way of holding.

So in this workshop in addition to leadership theory + frameworks we will talk about the impact of leadership on our bodies and our energy and resources we can draw from (meditation, movement + more) to “reset” when the pressure builds. A note on the leadership theory: it is curated, meaning I edit out the cheesy leaderspeak and offer the most elegant frameworks I have encountered for wrapping words around this vital human activity.

But wait, there is more! Throughout the week we will also be interweaving resources for leadership with the Enneagram. This is a super exciting intersection. Why? Oh, don’t get me started. Leadership demands are like a laser… they tend to burn off anything non essential. (or consume you entirely).

So it is vital to tap into your fullness of being in order to be able to take the heat of a community adapting and growing. And to open a deeper relationship to your three centers of intelligence: mind, heart, and body/intuition. This is where the Enneagram is such a profound tool… because it helps you see where and how you over rely on certain ways of approaching life. Especially when things are challenging or conflict erupts. And underutilize others. Truthfully you need all three centers to be able to be present in stressful leadership moments and in all your moments. This resiliency unlocks your biggest, shiniest gifts. You know–the ones you were put here to share…

So what do you say? Want to join me?

There is a discount code just for Birders… use this when you register for a 20% discount for the course!


You can register online via the Ghost Ranch website or call 505.685.1001 Mon-Sat / 8-5pm MST. Either way make sure to use the code for the discount.

Read on for a few testimonials from previous workshop participants.

Reach out with any questions. And register today! Love to have you join in the fun.



“As I suspected, this is EXACTLY what I needed in my life. I feel so fortunate to have connected with your work & grateful that you’re answering your calling so thoughtfully. When I say it’s exactly what I needed I mean this: I feel the beginnings of an internal shift in my resting emotional frequency. The effect brings me back to meditation every morning and evening with eager gratitude. thank YOU!”

Shilyh, Film Studies Professor, Dallas, Texas

“You have such a beautiful teaching presence. I find it absolutely amazing at how you manage to bring full expertise and skill, all the while being approachable and invitational and empowering. You are a true teacher! Thanks for the class it was wonderful.”

Skyler, Visual Artist, Dallas, Texas

Photos of Ghost Ranch courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons by Pam Morris, Artotem, and Larry Lamsa.