Asheville, NC

Stay in a beautiful modern home, featured in Architectural Digest, with some of the best views in Asheville! 

Praise for The Flourish VIP Retreat Experience

“It was BEYOND a ten star.” 

“It was so beyond perfect. I loved the whole experience and felt pampered and nourished and so connected with Courtney. I loved having my own space – that spot now feels sacred to me. The house was gorgeous and Courtney clearly put so much thought into the location. I am not a huge nature person but I loved seeing the landscape and the gentle rolling hills. All the details are like little backrubs. It was beyond a ten star. And the journey we took… I love that opportunity to create a vision board solo. I need the quiet. Which I never thought I needed. It was a spiritual experience.” 



The Experience

The Flourish VIP Private Retreat is an opportunity to step out of ordinary life and to spend time with your deepest, most soulful self.  It also allows a generous amount of time for us to work one-on-one, in a beautiful setting. 

Before your retreat I will guide you through a process to plan our time together. I will then curate a set of customized coaching tools and activities for your retreat weekend so that you leave feeling resourced and clear on next steps. A call after you return home will help your re-entry and integration process.

During your VIP retreat you will enjoy delicious, nourishing meals and downtime to relax. Depending on the season you may appreciate a crackling fire and the best of indoor/outdoor living. You also have the option of fun outings. For example forest-bathing on a nearby hiking trail, a massage or meditation in a salt cave, and a celebratory dinner at a farm-to-table restaurant in downtown Asheville.

The House

Every spacious, elegant room in the house has a stunning view of the surrounding hills. 

The Details

From the moment you arrive, you can expect a carefully designed experience where renewal is balanced with meaningful coaching support, lively conversation and fun fieldwork activities.  Enjoy the mountains, forests and nearby natural beauty. Savor local and organic fare. (Asheville takes its food and drink very seriously so you can expect to be well nourished. All meals and snacks are catered to your dietary preferences and needs.)

Relax, watch sun-rise and sunset, listen to yourself and be deeply heard. 

Think intention-setting (with champagne or local kombucha or another festive drink of course!), custom coaching sessions plus a packet of resources/flourish refreshers, big sheets of paper to dream on, lots and lots of sticky notes and art supplies, journals and more!

Come by yourself to enjoy alone time or invite a Flourish friend for a mini reunion! There are two private rooms and bathrooms in the home. If you choose to come with a friend I will design an experience that blends shared coaching sessions and conversations along with targeted one-on-one support. 

Either way I’ll retire to my house each evening and leave you space to dream and rest.

Fly into Asheville Regional Airport (AVL). Your VIP retreat is hosted Friday afternoon through Sunday morning. **If you would like to come early or to extend your stay in Asheville I can recommend more to do and see! 

The Details

Currently VIP retreats are only available for clients in my el jardin coaching community.

Price: $5000 (+ $1000 if you would like to bring a friend.)


Ready to book your VIP retreat?

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Courtney Pinkerton is a certified holistic life coach and the author of the Amazon bestseller, The Flourish Formula: An Overachiever’s Guide to Slowing Down & Accomplishing More. Courtney is a student and a teacher of the Enneagram who has helped hundreds of busy women slow down and accomplish and enjoy more in their life. She holds dual master’s degrees from Harvard Divinity School and Harvard Kennedy School and is the creator of the eight-step Flourish Formula Coaching process. She designs and hosts boutique retreats for women in beautiful locales. After selling their house and all their belongings and adventuring for a year in Nicaragua, Courtney and her family are making a new home in Asheville, NC.